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Practical Prom Dresses Shopping Tips

For girls, it is but normal to look for the best Prom Dresses. Wearing the prom dress that they are happy about will greatly determine how much they will enjoy their prom night. Shopping for a prom dress should not be stressful. Start with your body type and know which style and color of dress will look good on you. 

Here are some general classification of body types and the styles that would work well on them:


This is often called the ideal figure since upper and lower parts of the body are equally proportionate. Either full-length or short dresses go well with hourglass figures, even those that have asymmetrical designs. 

Pear shaped 

Pear shaped girls generally have hips that are wider than their chests. Dark skirts and light tops are recommended to give an illusion of better proportion. Sleeveless dresses, low necklines, and wearing long necklaces will also do the trick. 

Apple shaped

Girls that are apple shaped have a wide torso, especially their chests, and slim legs. For these girls, empire waist Prom Dresses or A-line short dresses are ideal to give more proportion as well as to show off legs.

Plus Size

Large-sized women can confidently accentuate their curves in form-fitting long dresses in dark colors. The dress must have a good fit as dresses that are too tight or too loose are not flattering.


Petite girls should avoid floor length dresses, especially those made with puffy material. They will look better in short dresses that drape well and highlight their silhouette. 

Whatever body type you have, it is important to keep an open mind as you sift through your choices. It is rare to get the perfect fit right away with prom or Formal Dresses. It is advisable then to pick one size larger than your regular size especially if shopping in online stores like Atria Clothing. It will be easier to alter a dress into a smaller size. 

Unlike Bridesmaid Dresses that are generally available all year round, there are usually more selections available in January or February for Prom Dresses. However there’s no harm in browsing for styles much earlier if you want to plan your prom outfit in advance.