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Long Dresses for Prom

Yes, you can effortlessly don head-to-toe glamour on your prom night. All you need to do is check out our collection. We have the most graceful and spectacular long dresses for prom. This Atria Clothing collection is a virtually endless array of a colors, styles, design and materials.

All prom dresses in this collection sweep to the floor, but the similarity ends there. While some of these just touch the floor others pool around in a sophisticated way. The hems of some long prom dresses seamlessly turn into chic sweep trains that turn heads. You can also go for an up-to-there side slit that always wows your date and the rest of the crowd.

This versatility is not just at the bottom, but on the top of the long dresses as well. You can choose slinky long gowns with subtle keyholes or cutaways to keep people guessing. Many of these dresses have eye-catching accents ranging from shimmering sequins to glimmering stones. You also have the option to choose from plunging V-necklines to wrap-around skirts. Military ball dresses are also available and so are plus sizes dresses.

If you’re looking for long dresses for prom, you should definitely consider our stunning silhouettes. These striking numbers range from fit-and-flare dresses to mermaid gowns. You can also choose bold column gowns that stylishly plummet to the floor. Slinky sheath dresses are also available to hug your figure, creating an enticing and graceful appearance.

Just because long dresses provide ample coverage doesn’t mean that they can’t be absolutely sizzling. With our collection you will see that long dresses for prom continue to be hot choices. At Atria Clothing, you have plenty of choices for the best sweeping prom dresses. If you have decided to go the long way on your prom night, there’s no shortage of colors, designs, styles and accents.

Dresses in our collection will make you look and feel absolutely amazing on what will probably be the most important high school night you will ever experience. Classic or trendy, take your pick and put on your best long dress courtesy of our store so that people see you in a different light on your prom night.


Long Dresses Designer

If you would be interested in Long Dresses Designer for a special occasion that is coming up in the near future, search through our selection on the Atria Clothing retail website. You will find many of these types of dresses in many styles, colors, and at different price points. They are designed to match a variety of body types, so do not worry that you will not be able to find something that is just right for you. Take a look at this extensive collection today, and pick out your dream gown for your special day.

Choose a Beautiful Dress for Your Special Occasion

Do you need something gorgeous to wear to your homecoming dance, or to the prom? You should see a dress that is great for this specific purpose in our stock of designer inspired gowns. We also have dresses that will be ideal for bridesmaids and even brides to wear, if you are looking for one that is a bit more modest or unconventional. We want you to feel confident, beautiful, and most of all, comfortable in whichever dress you choose, and that is why we have brought together only the best quality fashions on this website.

We know how important it is that you have an amazing dress to wear to a wedding, prom, dance, or some other big event that you will be attending. We also know how stressful the whole process of finding and purchasing long dresses designer can be. That is why we have made sure to make the whole process very easy for you on the Atria Clothing website. From the way that we have laid out the categories for different types of dresses and the search options that we offer, as well as the easy checkout for you to use when you are ready to pay, you should not have a problem with getting Long Dresses Designer from our website.

Admire the Stunning Styles of Long Dresses Designer from Atria Clothing

Here at Atria Clothing, you will find many styles of formal wear from which you can choose one or more items. We have floor length and cocktail dresses and everything in between. Some are sleek and body conforming, while others are flowing or ruffled. No matter what the occasion, you can rest assured that you can get a dress that will impress everyone there. We also offer them at different prices, so you don’t have to be concerned that you will go outside of your budget. Find many Long Dresses Designer at very affordable prices, so you can look just like a princess or a movie star when you step into the room.

Call Customer Service for Assistance

You may have some questions when you are searching for a dress, or you just may want to leave a comment for us. You can do so by calling us to speak to a representative, or you can email us through our convenient form. Let Atria Clothing help to make the day or evening of your event perfect.


Online Fashion Long Dresses

Prom night is one of those nights every girl dreams about. They start planning for it weeks and months before the actual event. The most important item that a girl wishes to wear to their prom is a perfectly awesome prom dress. Dresses worn on these nights are longer than the homecoming ones as they go down all the way to the ankles. If your prom night is close, visit Atria Clothing. Our online fashion long dresses are the ones to go for.

Most prom dresses are made to sweep the floor but not all of them have to be that way. Some are made to just barely touch the floor while some are more sophisticated and sweep the floor as the girl walks around. Nothing looks more dazzling than to watch a girl dressed in a beautiful long dress that flows like the wind behind her in an elegant and gorgeous manner.

The beauty of the long dress does not end at the bottom. It only starts there, as the upper part can be even more glamorous. There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to the upper part of a dress. It is the top that gives the dress a unique look as most bottoms may be the same design. But at Atria Clothing, we give you something out of the ordinary with our line of long dresses. Our unique designs of tops and bottoms will leave people guessing. You will wow your date and be the head turner at the event.

When it comes to party nights, dancing is a given. You cannot have a party without dancing. This is why Atria Clothing ensures that the dresses we give our customers are made with high quality material. This quality also ensures flexibility and durability of the dresses as they allow you to easily move around the dance floor. When the time comes to get crazy at the party, you can show your moves and do all sorts of amazing dances in our long dresses. Dancing in a beautiful long dress makes the dance even more glamorous as everyone will be focusing on you as you move smoothly around the dance floor.

In order to prepare for your most important high school night, visit Atria Clothing for all your shopping needs. Our collection of dresses will make you look absolutely dazzling. You will be the talk of the school for years to come as everyone will remember how gorgeous you looked in our dress. This is why we ensure that we stock a huge collection of dresses for you to choose from. This allows you to browse through our wares and pick the dress that you think will look perfect on you.

Make sure to keep in mind the size when purchasing online fashion long dresses. You don't want to end up buying something that is too loose or too tight. It needs to be a perfect fit as that is the only way you can complement your beautiful body. If you have any queries regarding our line of long dresses, do not hesitate to call us. Our representatives will be more than glad to help you out. We believe in providing excellent customer service as that is the only way to ensure that you come back to shop with us again and again.