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Formal Dresses

There are many moments in your high school life where memories are made that would last a lifetime. Of all those memories, the ones from your prom and homecoming will most likely stand out the most. What you wear is a big part of how you are going to experience your prom or homecoming night so even if these events are months away from now, it is never too early to look into formal dresses to wear.

Dresses for the prom and homecoming are both formal dresses although there can be some slight differences. The prom is a more formal event where the girls wear long gowns and have their hair up. A homecoming dance can be less formal, with short dresses allowed and where you can wear your hair down.

You can start preparing for your prom and homecoming by planning in advance what you want to wear a few months ahead of these events. Online suppliers of prom and homecoming dresses such as Atria Clothing makes things easy for you since you can already choose what you want to wear. As you browse among the dresses in Atria Clothing, you already know how much the dresses cost so you know exactly how much money you have to save and prepare for.

Even if you don’t have a specific dress in mind yet, you can still start by looking at the formal dresses available so you can have idea of the styles that may look good on you. Choose first homecoming and prom dresses according to what’s best for your body type. After that you can then decide on the color or shade that matches your complexion and hair color. Making a choice of outfit for the prom or homecoming isn’t really that stressful if you plan in advance.

While formal dresses are the highlight of what you wear, you have to complete your outfit with the right accessories. Your shoes, bag, earrings, and hair accessories must compliment your prom or homecoming dress. Try everything on a week before the event to get familiar with the whole outfit. By the time prom or homecoming night arrives, you are confident with your outfit and can move about freely and comfortably.


Formal Dresses Designer

Atria Clothing offers the most elegant and brilliant formal dresses of designer quality. You can find dresses in this collection that are perfect for a variety of occasions, from prom and homecoming to cocktail parties and other formal events. You shouldn’t have to run between different shops and sites to find elegant dresses for these events. And with Atria Clothing, you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for the brilliance of formal dresses by a designer (why wouldn’t you be?), you might be discouraged by the high prices. Fortunately, Atria Clothing provides designer quality dresses at prices that are much less than their original designer counterparts. So you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.

While going through our formal dresses designer collection, keep in mind what kind of event you need the dress for. Prom, homecoming, cocktail parties etc. all require something different. Nonetheless, they all need you to be looking absolutely stunning and elegant, something that our dresses can always guarantee.

You will find our designer collection very exciting whether you have a particular type of dress in mind or not. We believe that shopping for a formal designer dress should be as fun as the event on which you will be wearing the dress. That is exactly what Atria Clothing is all about – fun, elegance, and beauty.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for formal occasions is the length of the dress. Formal dresses come in a variety of lengths, but formal dresses of designer quality should ideally be floor-length. Tea length dresses are also becoming popular while not as common as floor-length. Again, it all depends on the event itself. For instance, floor-length dresses may be perfect for prom or more formal evening events, while shorter ones are more appropriate for a cocktail party.

Choosing a dress can be a pickle, but our amazing collection keeps you inspired and helps you quickly locate the perfect one. From homecoming dresses to cocktail dresses, our collection has the best of all kinds of formal designer wear at the best prices.


Online Formal Dresses

Memories made at high school that involve many things other than your education. These memories last a lifetime and the ones that really last a long time are the ones related to the prom and homecoming nights. These will stand out amongst all others when you look back at your life. You will think about your friends, your clothes and the overall environment of the place. But when it comes to girls, they will be talking about their clothes for the rest of their lives. This is why Atria Clothing gives you a line of online formal dresses that will ensure that your cherished memories are truly worthy of being remembered for the rest of your life.

Formal dresses are worn at both homecoming and prom nights. There may be some small differences and these differences are important to keep in mind when buying dresses for any of these nights. You don't want to go to your homecoming wearing a homecoming dress. Nothing can be more embarrassing than that. For homecomings, the dresses that are worn are usually short. It may seem less formal but these are considered formal in the sense of them being worn for a high school party night. You can wear your hair down with your dress down to knee length. 

Compare these to prom night dresses and you will see a difference in length as these are longer gowns where you are allowed to let your hair down. At Atria Clothing, our dresses have been specifically designed and stitched for the purpose of being perfect for homecomings and proms. They are not just gorgeous to look at, they are the best in terms of quality and material. We make sure that they are made with the best materials to give you the flexibility and strength to have that perfect dance on your special night.

It is best to start preparing in advance for your homecoming and prom. This gives you a lot of time to prepare. You can spend time searching the internet looking for that perfect dress that will fit you the best. If you feel that the dress you have bought is loose or anything is not right with it, you will have ample time to get it fixed. This is why girls start preparing for their party night weeks before the actual event. This gives them time to make sure that the dress they have bought is perfect.

If you are unable to decide on which dress will be perfect for you, you can always talk to your friends and your mother for recommendations. You can also call us at Atria Clothing and our representatives will be more than happy to guide you. However, the best thing about online formal dresses, you can see them in action as you can view the models wearing them. You can easily picture yourself in it and feel it in your heart and mind whether this is the perfect dress for you. Also make sure that you complement your dress with accessories like earrings, bag, shoes and the right hairstyle. Combine all these and you will be the girl that turns the most heads.