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Cocktail Dresses

Decoding Cocktail Dresses – Color, Length, and Accessories

The cocktail dress is a woman’s standard wear for an evening event and is one closet staple that every woman must have on standby. In terms of style, it is something in between formal and business attire. Even if you have no impending red carpet event to attend at the moment, it is best to plan ahead and browse at Atria Clothing for Cocktail Dresses that you would like to wear. It wouldn’t also hurt to know in advance the basics of wearing a cocktail dress.

In terms of color, black is the most common choice but you can choose any color that you prefer provided that it will be appropriate to the event. Fabrics with texture and a bit of shimmer such as chiffon, satin, and silk are common choices for a cocktail dress. Detail such as beading, sequins, and lace make the dress even more interesting and fancy especially if it is going to be worn during very formal evening events.

For the choice of length, the hemline can just barely touch the floor, skim the ankle, or end way above the knee. The length basically depends on your personal preference and your body type. To be on the safe side, you can use how formal the event is as a guide. For casual events, you have more leeway on the length of your cocktail dress. It can be as short as mid-thigh or as long as just between the knee and ankle. For black tie functions, Cocktail Dresses that are knee length are the shortest that you can go.

Just like when wearing Homecoming Dresses or Prom Dresses your choice of footwear and accessories is critical. One-inch heels are ideal footwear length for very short or very long dresses, while stilettos wouldn’t look out of place with a knee-length dress. The type of footwear must balance out the dress. If the dress is plain and does not have a lot of embellishments, you can wear eye-catching shoes. For Cocktail Dresses that have lots of detail, simple sandals will suffice. The same general rule goes for accessories as well. Basically your overall outfit will make you shine; everything must go together and not take attention away from you.


Cocktail Dresses for Women

There comes a time in a girl’s life when there are simply too many social engagements to attend to and no time to shop for an outfit. To minimize stress, what you can do is to have basic cocktail dresses in your closet waiting to be worn for the right occasion. Cocktail dresses for women are versatile and can be worn in many events since they can range from semi-formal to formal styles. Here are three types of cocktail dresses to have in your closet.

Among the many choices for cocktail dresses for women, the little black dress is perhaps the most versatile. Black suits all skin tones and hair colors. The LBD is also a nice choice if you are undecided whether the event is formal or semi-formal. You can dress up or dress down a black dress through the accessories you pair it with such as your shoes and evening bag.

If the occasion is decidedly formal, long dresses are the way to go. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your trendy and sexy style by going ultra-conservative. Long cocktail dresses for women don’t necessarily mean conservative cuts. You can choose a long dress with a backless design, or go for the long dress with an equally long slit on the side to show off your legs.

Going to the party straight from the office? This is no problem with an off shoulder short dress. While in the office, you can cover up the top with a blazer, and after work just ditch the blazer and swap your office shoes with sexy strappy sandals and you’re off to the party. Try checking out celebrity dresses for ideas on this stylish off shoulder look.

Clearly, with just these three styles of cocktail dresses, you already have a lot of bases covered. All these styles of cocktail dresses for women are available at Atria Clothing. This online dress store doesn’t just have a lot of choices for its customers. The dresses are all reasonably priced such that it is quite possible for you to buy all three types of dresses at once without stretching your budget.


Cocktail Dresses Shop Online

When it comes to a girl preparing for her evening events, her first stop is a cocktail dresses shop online. These dresses are important for every woman. You never know when you get invited to a party, which is why you need to be prepared. If you don't have a cocktail dress in your closet, now is the perfect time for you to visit Atria Clothing and get yourself that perfect dress.

It is always best to plan ahead and the people who do are the ones that are happiest and relaxed as they know that they have everything covered. It does not necessarily have to be a red carpet event. You can wear cocktail dresses to any party and become the highlight of the night.

When visiting Atria Clothing's online shop, know that it is important that you choose the right color for your dress. A lot of women make the mistake of not knowing the type of party they are going to and wear something that does not fit the event. This is why it is essential that you buy more than a couple of dresses. Keep your closet open for more cocktail dresses. If you have a few dresses, you can sport a different look at every event. This is something that every girl loves to do, to look different every time she goes to a party. Girls hate it when they have to wear the same dress over and over. So don't be one of them. Visit Atria Clothing now and get yourself the best party dresses.

When it comes to choosing the right color for the cocktail dress you wish to wear to a party, the most versatile color is black. Black dresses are perfect for all occasions and parties. However, make sure that you choose a fabric that you like and are comfortable with. Wearing something you do not like will only make you feel uncomfortable and you do not want that at such an important event.

When visiting an online shop, it is important to also note the length. These dresses come in varying lengths and you need to make sure that you buy accordingly. The best way to go would be to get some long dresses and a few short ones. This will ensure that when talking with your friends about the party, you all can wear the same style and look even more amazing together. Some parties are more formal than others so you can wear long dresses to those and short dresses for the ones that are not that formal.

When buying from a cocktail dress shop online, keep in mind the size of the dress you wish to buy. It needs to be a perfect fit as you may be well aware that party dresses look best when they complement your body shape perfectly. However, do not be alarmed, at Atria Clothing we keep a huge variety of dresses in various sizes to ensure that you can find yourself the perfect dress. If you are unsure, then you can simply give us a call and talk to one of our representatives. They will be more than happy to guide you in any way possible for finding you the best dress for the party.